Doctors here at Hanson Medical Centre are experienced and able to provide Shared Antenatal Care for all women expecting to have babies. Shared Care means that during the course of a women’s pregnancy you only have to visit the hospital on only two to four occasions and our doctors here at Hanson Medical Centre will do the rest of the work.  It is suggested that expecting mothers come to our clinic for this service as it may reduce travelling time, hospital waiting time and also time away from family and work.

Pre Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy Care

It is recommended that a double appointment is made for pre pregnancy advice. At this particular consultation, immunisations are updated, family history is taken and advice is given on pregnancy vitamins and lifestyle changes requires.

Post Natal Review

Here at Hanson Medical Centre we also offer a 6 week post natal review with a 30 minute appointment for the woman and a 15 minute appointment for the baby.