Our Doctors here at Hanson Medical Centre will make sure they take into account your travel itinerary, where you are going to stay; activities you will most likely participate in while travelling and a wide range of other factors, and will therefore recommend the appropriate and necessary vaccinations in order to ensure that you are protected and safe when travelling. A consultation is necessary in order to determine your individual needs.
Our Doctors will provide you and your family with information in regards to international health risks regarding the location of your stay and any precautions you should take while travelling. We will provide a wide range of vaccinations at our practice to ensure everything will be taken care of.

How Long Do Vaccinations Last?

The information below outlines the usual duration of protection once the vaccination course is complete. For some vaccines, the duration of protection is uncertain.

Vaccine Duration of Protection
Chicken Pox Lifetime
Diphtheria 10 years
Flu (seasonal) 1 year
Flu (swine) 1 year
Hepatitis A Long term
Hepatitis B Long term
Japanese Encephalitis Not yet established but possibly up to 3 years
Measles, Mumps and Rubella Lifetime
Meningitis 2-3 years
Polio Lifetime
Rabies (pre-exposure) Long term
Tetanus 10 years
Typhoid 3 years
Yellow Fever 10 years