Influenza is a serious viral illness that causes people to be ill for days and can even cause complications leading to death in some people. Last year in Australia, the flu caused over 3000 deaths in people over 50years of age.

Influenza is highly contagious and can affect anyone. However, people who are at higher risk of severe complications if they get the flu are:
– Elderly
– Pregnant women
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
– Very young children
– People with underlying medical conditions.

The flu vaccine is safe for pregnant ladies. The government reccomends that everyone over the age of 6months receives the flu vaccine.

Each year the virus that causes the flu changes slightly so it is important you take the flu vaccine each year for it to be effective.

Speak to your GP about the flu vaccine and make sure you receive it without delay to protect yourself, your family and the vulnerable people in your community.